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The Secondary School of Josef Sousedík in Vsetín began with pupils mobilities  in 2006 with one partner in Germany, where was found the solid basis of constantly lasting high quality cooperation. Practical trainings started to realize successfully also in England and Portugal. Essential success of these mobilities has been in straight impact at graduands of particular practical trainings. Thank to new experiences and better language skills the graduands apply better on the labour market. The quality of the content is ensured by the ECVET system.

Since 2017 the school has added Professional staff development to the mobilities of pupils projects Erasmus+ . The school has also actively involved into the Euronet of Czech apprentices. Euro apprentices represent their school and the Czech Republic at various European meetings. Since 2018 activities have broaden out longterm trainings Erasmus Pro specified for graduates. Listing of these activities has been filling strategical progress of the school. One of its aims is support of professional education for pupils, teachers as well as publicity of the school.

Based on quality results in terms of mobilities KA1, the organisation was awarded VET Mobility Charter for the period 1 Junuary 2017 -  December 2020 (the accreditation number 2016-1-CZ01-KA109-024373).

The school of Josef Sousedík has multiplied its success and it has become a repetitious bearer of the Accreditation Erasmus+ (the accredation number 2021-1-CZ01-KA120-VET-000043340) for the period 1 February – 31 December 2027. This award confirms high quality or interships realized and their total method of management in terms of Individuals mobilities (KA1).

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